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Welcome to Yog Power Studio !

Yog Power Studio is a one stop solution for all your health and well-being issues in this fast-paced and competitive world. We wish to serve one and all with the eternal power of Yoga and meditation. Today’s stressful life takes a toll on each and every individual and our effort revolves around expunging all your problems in the most natural way.

Yog Power Studio utilizes immeasurable knowledge compiled by our ancestors to facilitate healthier and happier lives. We emphasize on helping you attain well-being through the safe and regular practice of Yoga under expert trainers who have mastered various forms of the discipline.

We urge more and more people to embrace the blissful essence of Yoga in their daily lives! Along with our decade strong expertise in Power Yoga, we assist you with various other services like weight loss, Zumba, Diet plans and much more. Read More

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is the effective fusion of harmonious breathing and intense yogasanas. It is a kind of Yoga that focuses completely on your fitness and movement. Regular practice yields greater flexibility, better feel of the body and proper toning of the limbs and torso. It is your perfect workout routine!

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Yoga, Zumba and Slimming Opens From


6 AM to 9 PM

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Zumba is a contemporary way of getting into shape by reducing fat and weight. This energetic activity engages each and every muscle of the body with some quick and patterned movements. It’s an enjoyable activity to perform as the music and the actions make you feel like you are dancing!

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A perfect diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. At Yog Power Studio, we provide you with priceless guidance on what you should eat along with some smart tips. We share various recipes and also provide our students with ideal diet plans that help them in achieving greater health.

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Weight Management

Losing weight is quite an uphill task mainly because it can cause many dangers to a person’s health. Yoga is an ideal way to deal with this problem! Yog Power Studio helps you to reduce weight with the most effective and natural methods that doesn’t hamper your well-being in any manner!

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Corporate Yoga

We understand that a corporate life is full of work and there hardly is any spare time to exercise. That’s why we go beyond our studio limits to provide precious Yoga lessons to office-goers at their very workplace! Our trainer will be available at your locations to steer you towards well-being.

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