About Us

Mrs Prabha Yadav

Our Founder

The greatest acts every achieved always have tireless forces behind them. The driving force behind Yog Power Studio’s constant growth and success is credited to one charismatic lady, our founder Mrs.Prabha Yadav. Being an ardent follower and believer in Yoga and its power, she made it a purpose of life to propagate and spread this divine knowledge everywhere she goes.

Known for her humble and compassionate nature, Mrs.Yadav has earned praises from plaudits and critics alike. Her incessant work in establishing the Studio and then nurturing it to make it so popular is commendable. For her, Yog Power Studio is a service that she wants to gift to the society.

Her victory lies in people’s benefit and she has done that in a sustained manner with her impressive ‘art of giving’. She herself is an excellent trainer having vast knowledge of various forms of Yoga. With renowned degrees and certificates of Yoga in her closet, we are proud to have a founder of such caliber.

Company Profile

Yog Power Studio is a Yoga training center having a decade long experience in serving the community with the bliss of Yoga. We aim at bringing the best of Yoga and meditation to as many people as we can. We believe that its benefits must be yielded by all so that a healthier and happier society can be created.

We offer training in various kinds of Yoga and also provide the major essentials required for meditation as well. With a homely atmosphere, you can learn and benefit from our training and hence work towards a greater life! We wish to set up a network of our Yoga Studios so that more and more people can add on to our family.

Company Profile

Our Team

Our Team

We have an exceptional team of trainers who are not only experienced in their respective disciplines but are also enthusiastic about spreading the bliss of Yoga. We have a massive and credible team of experts ranging from Yoga trainer, Dieticians, Counselors, Therapists and Corporate trainers.

Our team has a unique approach of selfless dedication towards teaching that works very well for all the students. Every individual is important for us and we make sure that personal attention is given to each and everyone- be it a child or a youngster or even the elderly. Our focus is to get the best out of you and for you, so that you are the ultimate beneficiary. Your improvement is our pride!

Our Mission, Vision and Goals

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to provide the goodness of Yoga to each and every individual so that our GOAL of a healthy and happy society is achieved.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to propagate the philosophies of Yoga in a simple and comprehensible manner so that maximum people are educated and benefited from it.

Our Goals

Yog Power Studio aims at being the best Yoga training institute in the world with the objective of providing trainers who can emanate the true essence of yoga in a sustained manner.