Corporate Yoga Training

About Corporate Yoga

A Corporate environment attracts various problems like anxiety, stress, fear and short-temper. People who work in corporate offices encounter this problem pretty often but can’t do anything about it. With so many hours at competitive work and hardly any time to de-stress, a person gets increasingly frustrated and invites physical and mental disorders.

Stress decreases concentration which increases workload and eventually, a person spends more time in office then actually permitted. Constant workload also males people skip meals, eat irregularly and eat inappropriately. With so much work and no free time, it is unlikely that a person exercises or eats well, which tempts poor health to take root.

All these negative effects of the corporate environment and life can be tackled with the power of Yoga, meditation and pranayam. Since a Corporate can’t make it to practice Yoga, we made Yoga practice reach the corporate office! Yog Power Studio provides Corporate Yoga to people in an organization who cannot pay heed to their health. We send our expert trainers to train and make these employees practice yoga on a regular basis.

Yog Power Studio understands the time constraint and provides the best yoga disciplines in form of asanas and breathing exercises for the corporates to follow and perform. Along with Yoga, we also insert a bit of Corporate Zumba in the session so that the missing gusto is restored while good health starts developing in the process.

We have benefitted many such employees who have now transformed their lives and have adopted a healthier lifestyle. The multitude of advantages Corporate Yoga ensures are -

Corporate Yoga Class

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

  • De-stress
  • No travelling
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved efficiency
  • Healthier body
  • Stable mind
  • Better sleep
  • Better anger management
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Positive outlook towards life

BPO Yoga

Call centers have the most stressed brains in the world. Our BPO Yoga is specially made for such people who don’t find time to be at peace. These special sets of asanas and pranayamas help a BPO employee to de-stress effectively and also improve working efficiency along with overall health.


Reduces stress level, Back and Cervical pain relief, Improve working efficiency, Develop cordial relationship between employees, Reduce health budget, Increase motivation at work, Control absenteeism at work.